Get the Medical Coverage You Need

Get the Medical Coverage You Need

Ask about our Medicare insurance services in Linden and Atlanta, TX

On the basis of current health care laws, the U.S. government will pay for about 80% of your health care costs through Medicare after you turn 65. That remaining 20% might not sound like much, but in reality, it could mean the difference between a stable retirement and bankruptcy.

If you're worried about that remaining 20%, reach out to Hilburn Insurance Group in Linden, TX and surrounding areas. We can help you sign up for Medicare insurance and additional Medicare supplements. That way you won't have to worry about going broke as the result of a future health crisis.

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Create a medicare supplements package that's flexible to meet your needs

Medicare is often criticized for being too rigid when it comes to what's covered and what's not. To solve that problem, the government has created a variety of additional plans. Hilburn Insurance Group can help you choose between:

  • Prescription plans, to cover the cost of your prescription drugs
  • Advantage plans, to cover costs classified under Part C of Medicare
  • Medicare supplements, to give you greater control over the doctors you see

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